Cambridge Guitar Club


Music Ideas

Here are ideas of music to play, with a guide to levels of difficulty eg. easy / intermediate / advanced.

Guitar Moment Volumes 1 to 4 (Guitar School of Iceland); collections of pieces by different composers. Easy to intermediate.

Guitarcosmos 1; (Reginald Smith Brindle, Schott); over 30 solos and 4 duos; tonal and atonal music from many styles including modern music. Easy to intermediate.

First Folio for Guitar; (Ian Gammie, Corda Music CMP111); about 12 easy duets and 18 easy solos.

Five Traditional Spanish Songs: Don Gato, Valenciana, Ines, La Tarara, Serrana; (arranged for two guitars by Ray Burley); about grade 4 standard.

One + One Volume 1; (EGTA Series, editor Richard Wright); 30 graded duos for 'early stages'.

Suite for Two Guitars by William Lawes: Corant 1, Alman, Corant 2; advanced.

Wild West Medley; (arranged for guitar ensemble by Ian Gammie); easy.